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B52 Weed Strain UK

B52 Weed Strain UK



13 – 16%


0.11 – 1.07%


Pear, Grape




B52 Weed Strain UK

Buy B52 Weed Strain UK – B52 cannabis strain is one of the cannabis strains that contain highly potent genetics that might be too powerful for the average users and it is one of the most wanted at the moment.

As one of the best aircraft carries this name as well, you can imagine that the effects of this cannabis can be compared to the mentioned bombers. In this review, we will reveal everything. From the genetics, prices, and effects, to the growing tips and places where you can find nuts and seeds for yourself.

Stay tuned and feel free to ask us a question if you have any doubts that we could not make clear for you.

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