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Buy BOB Vaporizer Kit Online UK



Buy BOB Vaporizer Kit Online UK

Buy BOB Vaporizer Kit Online UK Online. Top-notch distillate and terpenes. No try-hard packaging or Instagram chicks blowing huge clouds. What you see is what you get. Quality. All-day long. Also, Bob stuffs .6g of product into these .5g cartridges too.

Do Bob Vape Pen Reusable Kits include? One vape pen, one battery, one charger, one refill cartridge (cart contains 0.6g THC oil).

Available in 9 THC flavors: Blu Berri, Bob’s Widow (White Widow), Pin Diesel (Pineapple Diesel), Clem Entine, Water Melon, Jill Ahto (Gelato), Blue Dream, Skittlez, and Death Bubba.


Pin Diesel, Jill Ahto, Bobs Widow, Watermelon, Blue Dream, Blu Berri, Clementine, Skittlez, Death Bubba

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