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Buy Kloud 9 CBD Vape Cartridge UK

Buy Kloud 9 CBD Vape Cartridge UK




Buy Kloud 9 CBD Vape Cartridge UK

Buy Kloud 9 CBD Vape Cartridge UK Online. The Kloud 9 is proud to promote a healthy lifestyle with Cannabis!

As such, we have designed a CBD line so that you the consumer can make the most of your day while helping to ease what ails you.

Made with high-grade CBD distillate, there is a slight amount of THC, which we feel is important as it maintains the entourage effect and allows the CBD to work effectively.

Available Options: 

  • CBD Sleep (650mg CBD : 8.89mg CBG : 31.5mg THC)
  • CBD Awake (650mg CBD : 8.89mg CBG : 31.5mg THC)
  • CBD Relax (650mg CBD : 8.89mg CBG : 31.5mg THC)
  • AC/DC 10:1 (331.5mg CBD : 33.15mg THC)
  • Charlotte’s Web 18:1 (630mg CBD | 35mg THC)
  • Pennywise 1:1 (315mg CBD: 315mg THC)


0.7ml of oil

Premium Grade A lab-tested distillate


CBD is used in a wide variety of ways for its potential therapeutic effects, which may include:
  • pain relief.
  • anti-inflammation.
  • anti-anxiety.
  • seizure and epilepsy treatment, and much more.


Screw cartridge into 510 battery. Draw air from the top of the cartridge. Start with 1 pull and see effects – increase the dosage from there.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor before using a new product or using a vaping device. Do not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children.


6 months, up to a year, based on usage. Keep out of sunlight. Store in cool conditions. Keep vape pens in a case to prevent damage.

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AC/DC 10:1, CBD Awake, CBD Relax, CBD Sleep, Charlotte's Web 18:1, Pennywise 1:1

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