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Buy Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone UK

Buy Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone UK


Recommended For

Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression



Buy Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone UK

Buy Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone UK Online. MoonWalker Premium Twax marijuana Cone is filled with top-shelf flowers, Death Bubba marijuana Kief, and THC Honey Oil. What do you get when you mix it all together and wrap it into one cone? One of the hardest-hitting cannabis products you will ever have the pleasure of trying! What makes these pre-rolled joints even more special is how easy they are to consume. Just light them up and puff your way to another galaxy! MoonWalker’s Twax Cones are definitely not for beginners or even intermediate users… We would even advise most veteran users to consume these pre-rolled joints with caution! They are definitely one of the strongest products we carry and they will hit you hard… REAL HARD! These are definitely a must-try!

What’s In The Package

Available in various strains, either Hybrid, Indica or Sativa strains.

Directions/Suggested Use

For all the pre-rolled joints & weed strains options, whether Indica strainsSativa strains, or Hybrid strains, you should buy weed online from a trusted retailer, like Puffland. Choose the weed strains and dosage that fit your consumption habits as well as the benefits you are looking for. It is important to notice that you might have a different experience from the same strain depending on if you smoke it, vape it or ingest it through cannabis edibles. As everyone is unique, we recommend starting with a small dosage until you find the right dosage for you.

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