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Buy Timewarp Diamonds UK

Buy Timewarp Diamonds UK

£30.00 - 1g


Buy Timewarp Diamonds UK

Buy Timewarp Diamonds UK Online. Timewarp Diamonds create a terrific light, calming body buzz paired with an uplifting cerebral high. Timewarp is your new favorite Sativa-dominant daytime strain for improving mood and focus, boosting creativity, and inducing never-ending giggles.


Aroma: Timewarp Diamonds has a tantalizing citrusy gas fragrance and flavor.

High: Timewarp Diamonds instills a light calming body buzz immediately at first hit and a cerebral uplifting high that creeps in afterward. Timewarp dabs are perfect for daytime use as they inspire and motivate users, with a slow come down that doesn’t leave them feeling lethargic or heavy.

Used For: Mood boost, focus, energy, creativity, pain management, stress, depression, nausea, anxiety, chronic fatigue.

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