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Heavy Hitters Live Resin Vape cartridge UK

Heavy Hitters Live Resin Vape cartridge UK


1 Gram

95% THC.









Heavy Hitters Live Resin Vape Cartridge UK

Heavy Hitters Live Resin Vape cartridge UK 95% THC – Ultra Pure, Ultra Potent. This Vape is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC.

483 Live Resin 1g – Sherbert Heavy Hitters for sale UK

483 Live Resin is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids for a full taste profile. Each batch is made using exclusively cannabis-derived ingredients sourced from our favorite growers.

It is then extracted at subzero, high-critical temperatures throughout the entire process, resulting in high terpene and taste profile retention, then blended with high-THC distillate to keep giving you that best-tasting and enjoyable high that you’ve come to love from Heavy Hitters.


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