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Mercedes Marijuana Hash UK

Mercedes Marijuana Hash UK

£20.00 - 1g


Mercedes Marijuana Hash UK

Buy Mercedes Marijuana Hash UK. This marijuana hash is Similar to the Gold Seal but from a different grower

Mercedes hash is a great choice for good cannabis hash at an unbeatable price…get good value with this BC-made hash.

Marijuana hash is one of those forgotten heroes. It was huge back in the day but now, almost forgotten (except for the French). if you want a clean extract, just look to the past! Hash is like every other concentrate- a cumulation of trichomes in a condensed state. Shatter is a turbocharged version of this old-school favorite- but it uses butane to extract the trichomes, and some people don’t want any of the residues in their smoke.

Now if you want the best value on hash, then go with Mercedes hash! Even the per-gram price is a good deal…it’s worth buying if you want to try hash.

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