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MOTA – Milk Chocolate Bar 300MG UK


MOTA – Milk Chocolate Bar 300MG UK

Buy MOTA – Milk Chocolate Bar 300MG UK Online. Mota’s Chocolate bars combine mouth-watering, creamy milk chocolate with 300 mg of THC. Every bite packs a potent punch but the bar is still easily separated for smaller portioned doses.

Edibles allow for travel-ready and discreet on-the-go doing. Plus, for those who don’t like to smoke or vape, edibles offer the perfect (and delicious) alternative. Mota’s edibles, in particular, are unparalleled in terms of their flavor and potency. If you are looking for premium edibles, look no further than Mota’s full lineup of tasty treats.

Product Details
1 Chocolate bar per package, 6 pieces
300 mg of THC per package
50 mg of THC per piece
Intense strength

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate, Cannabis, Soy Lecithin, Flavour (May Contain Nuts)

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