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Smallz Classic Palate Pre-Rolls UK (5 Pack)

Smallz Classic Palate Pre-Rolls UK (5 Pack)


One pre-roll will provide a lasting euphoric effect for 1.5 hours. Five pre-rolls per pack.

1 gram / .035 oz


Smallz Classic Palate Pre-Rolls UK (5 Pack)

Buy Smallz Classic Palate Pre-Rolls UK (5 Pack)  Online. The most shareable joints on the market, smallz are gentle by size and cannabinoids, while being generous with the wellness inducing terpenes.

In the Classic Palate, we emphasize earthy and peppery tones known for their grounding effects. With each joint offering the ideal amount for most to maintain a presence, functional high, each joint unlocks a new opportunity to express the joy inside. Each unit contains 5 pre-rolls.

Nouera, the creator of Smallz, is a woman-owned, social-equity collaboration curating products and events that are inclusive, earth-friendly, and resonant with a better future for all.

This Gelato Sunday strain has caryophyllene inherent terpene profiles known for it’s earthy and peppery taste. The effects of Gelato Sunday produce a euphoric body sensation accompanied with grounding effects on the body to help it relax.

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