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Tegridy Farms – Ghost Rider OG

Tegridy Farms – Ghost Rider OG

£20.00 - 1g


Tegridy Farms – Ghost Rider OG

Tegridy Farms – Ghost Rider OG. Tegridy Farms has made a name for itself and has quickly gotten known as the premium domestic craft hash maker. The reasons are clear, made with Premo domestic indoor-grown flower, it smokes true to the strain and has an aroma and taste that should make all Canadians proud.

Ghost Rider is a hybrid weed strain known for providing a balanced body stone along with cerebral effects that provide for a full sensory experience. Starting with tingles throughout the body and leading into an uplifted state that makes you totally numb.

It seems the flower was well named after enjoying it for the first time. That’s how I’d feel if I encountered a ghost. Now enjoy it in a matured concentrated hash


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