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THC Distillates (flavoured) -Top Shelf

THC Distillates (flavoured) -Top Shelf




THC Distillates (flavoured) -Top Shelf

Buy THC Distillates (flavoured) -Top Shelf Online UK.

Organic natural flavouring and no additives or fillers, no PG, No VG, No PEG, No MCT

Feature flavours include Orange Lemon Watermelon Blueberry Mango Strawberry Grape Thick High percentage (96%) THC distillate. Warm-up syringe before use if stuck. Distillation Process:

1. Extracted crude is winterized at -40 c for 48 hours to allow fat separation.

2. Crude is then triple filtered to remove unwanted fats and lipids

3. The solvent is recovered through a gentle heat bath

4. The crude is now an oil that is consumable.

This is what we use for distillation.

5. Oil is then distilled. Slow through low temps and quick through high temps. This is to avoid THC degradation.

6. Collection of the final product that is mixed with organic terpenes and cured for a minimum of 24 hours and no longer than 48 hours before packaging

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