Tiny But Mighty Sativa Pre-Roll Pack


Each of 0.3g tiny but mighty joints is meticulously rolled, perfect for one-time session without leaving a smelly roach!

Full whole flower | 2.4g / 0.085oz


Tiny But Mighty Sativa Pre-Roll Pack

Buy Tiny But Mighty Sativa Pre-Roll Pack  Online – Tiny But Mighty indeed: Sundae School’s Signature Eureka Sativa joints are perfectly portable on-the-go prerolls. The Eureka Bullet Pack contains 8 Sativa TBM mini joints, ready to give you an uplifting, euphoric effect wherever you are. These are single-strain, whole-flower, no-trim weed joints—small enough to leave no reach, slow-burning enough for you to enjoy every time. Contains 8 prerolls and 2.4g total.

The marijuana strain Cosmic Dream is known for its uplifting cerebral effects with a sweet citrus aroma.