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Buy Cosmic View Restore Tincture UK

Buy Cosmic View Restore Tincture UK



Buy Cosmic View Restore Tincture UK

Buy Cosmic View Restore Tincture UK Online – Cosmic View CBD-rich tinctures are made with Northern California, cold-pressed Tuscan blend olive oil and the finest high-CBD whole plant crude CO2 extracted sun-grown cannabis to create a refined flavor profile with maximum health benefits. Our olive oil comes from our family farm or Sonoma partner farm.

Restore is what we consider our most “therapeutic” formulation — potent, cannabinoid-rich, and has been effective for a number of difficult-to-treat conditions. This formula is also a wonderful supplement for anyone looking to create a greater sense of calm throughout their day while managing acute pain and inflammation.

Total cannabinoids per bottle (30mL): 509.4mg

  • CBDa: 3332.1mg
  • CBD: 38.1mg
  • THC: 117mg

Benefits of our Restore tincture include:

• Powerful anti-inflammatory
• Soothes pain associated with arthritis, muscular / joint conditions, headaches, menstrual cramps
• Tempers symptoms associated with autoimmune conditions
• May be more effective in some individuals than CBD alone as a calming agent and sleep aid
• THC is a highly effective appetite stimulant and anti-nausea remedy for people undergoing chemotherapy
 and radiation treatments 

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