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CBD Oil 10% Naturicious 0.33 fl oz


CBD Oil 10% Naturicious 0.33 fl oz

Buy CBD Oil 10% Naturicious 0.33 fl oz Online UK. Enjoy one of the purest Cannabidiol oil on earth without any psychoactive effect, all the benefits from hemp in an extra-virgin, cold-pressed hemp seeds oil.

This oil is naturally rich in omega 9 (70% oleic acid) a monounsaturated fatty acid, which does not affect heart and blood vessels health. This cannabidiol oil is naturally rich in polyphenols and vitamins: antioxidants that protect blood vessels against oxidative stress and free radicals responsible for atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries and blood vessels).


In this bottle you will have 1000 mg of cannabidiol, this is the perfect concentration to enjoy the full benefit of this hemp extract. This formulation is made using a large-spectrum extract that contains all the cannabinoids of Cannabis (without THC). CBD associated with CBG, CBN, and CBC provides a better efficiency on your body (entourage effect).


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