Golden Kush Delta 8 Weed Strain UK



Golden Kush Delta 8 Weed Strain UK

Buy Golden Kush Delta 8 Weed Strain UK Online, Golden Kush Delta 8 Flower is as heavenly and astutely named as you think. This fragrant and powerful bud is a 50/50 Hybrid with the best of both worlds in terms of effects. The golden hairs on this bright nugget are prominent and covered in huge crystals, so you know you’re in for a good hit right off the bat.

Golden Kush Effects & Aroma

What you can expect is a slow build, mild high that you feel building throughout your body, and then the brunt of the effects kicks in for a perfect blend. Creativity is the main benefit, along with euphoria, happiness, energy-boosting, and uplifting to give you a well-rounded Sativa effect. But, it also relaxes you completely, removes tension, anxiety, and stress! The benefits don’t stop there, though. Pain, lack of appetite, and insomnia are eased and helped with Golden Kush, thanks to its Indica side. How’s that for a bud that does a bit of everything?

Now, when you open the bag of this precious bud, your nose will be immediately hit with tropical fruit, sweetness, and sour notes. The complexity of the flower offers orange peel, lemon, sweet candy, spice, and hops! The taste is mild, but the feeling jumps it up to our new favorite Delta 8 strain!

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