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Pot of Gold Marijuana Strain UK

Pot of Gold Marijuana Strain UK


THC: 27%

Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy
May Relieve
Depression, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress


Pot of Gold Marijuana Strain UK

Pot of Gold Marijuana Strain UK – Pot of Gold is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid (90% Indica/10% Sativa) strain that was created by breeders from the infamous Flying Dutchman Seed Company. This strain is an insanely potent cross of the hugely popular Hindu Kush weed strain X Skunk #1 cannabis strains and boasts a THC level ranging from 15-21% on average.

Users describe the Pot of Gold high marijuana strain as a powerful but typical Indica high with an overwhelming sense of laziness and euphoria.

Users are clear-headed and very creative but in a very relaxed state of mind and body that is still functional. Because of these potent effects, Pot of Gold is the ideal choice for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain due to illness or injury, muscle spasms, and inflammation. The Pot of Gold bud has dense minty green leafy oversized nugs with rich amber undertones that are spattered with thick fiery orange hairs and a fine layer of crystal trichomes. This cannabis strain has an aroma that has been described as being reminiscent of a skunk in an apple orchard, and a taste of sweet fruit with a skunky aftertaste.

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